Use Colorful Dalyn Area Rugs and Feng-Shui to Lift Your Spirits

We are mostly all aware of the ideas behind Feng-shui, even if we do not actively use or apply them in our life-style choices and day to day routines. Originally widely used to identify the most appropriate and energising orientation of buildings, Feng-shui principles can be usefully applied in the home, even without knocking down walls or re-orienting staircases. If you feel that your home is draining you and are not sure why, think about the impact of plopping down a colorful Dayln area Rug Appraisals onto a drab carpet, tired laminate or weary walkway – instant lift, but why?

In Feng-shui, the role of color is generally thought to bring balance and energy into spaces. Even if we are not ‘into’ Feng-shui, we all understand the effect of colors around us on our mood. Why else, if making over a room because the decor has become shabby or because the atmosphere does not appeal to us in some way, is color likely to be one of our first considerations? Thus, the introduction of a focus color to a room that you spend a number of hours a day in can have a key impact on your mood and well-being.

Where we have no control over the color of walls and floors, such as in a corporate building or designated office, we have to work with the next best thing, which would be accessorizing our furnishings to achieve a chosen atmosphere for the room, and a rug can be a quick means by which we can do this.

Consider these key colors and how they could best suit to the atmosphere you want to create and convey:

Red: for vitality and ambition, a good color if you need a strong, can-do business vibe around you!

Orange: can act as an anti-depressant by adding a joyful vibe.

Yellow: acts as a mental stimulant and is uplifting, which can be particularly useful in a room where there is little or no natural light.

Blues and greens: these calming colors set an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, which encourages therapeutic surroundings.

Purple: thought to be spiritually stimulating, particularly useful where you need a creative vibe in a room.

Use a Dalyn area rug on a prominent floor space to hook into such colors and create the atmosphere you desire. Add block pictures at eye level and scatter cushions if your seating arrangement allows, so even if you are restricted to corporate walls and flooring, you can begin to Feng-shui your office space to best suit your atmosphere or mood.

The fact that some Dalyn area rugs carry a mix of vibrant and interesting colors means that there will always be an element of the mood you are aiming to create, even if you are something of a karma-chameleon!

The Beauty of Oriental Rugs

All oriental art has this stamp of human labor upon it, and shows not only the skill of the hand, but the thought of the brain. In oriental textiles you can easily read the thoughts and the feelings of the workman. The Orientals countries seem highly involved in this artistic life, which has been kept alive through all the ages.

While the makers of oriental rugs are people of low education, who have not went to any schools of art, but have simply followed their culture heritage, their work own peerless artistic qualities, which bring beauty and nice design to our homes. These people seem to have a natural sense of the beautiful, which, followed out in this handicraft has made their work attires the eye admiration of every one.

We stand lost in wonder in front of the carpet-maker while his hands are softly playing with wool fiber, and would read, if we could, the thoughts written on the rug.Because each rug is the expression of an individual, it is logic to think that joy,sorrow, love, deep religious feeling, and sentiment of home may have found expression in this work of the hand.

Rugs are made for many purposes,the rug made for a hunting scene, where the hunter should be appear as an skilled one, must embody many picture of natural animals life in its texture, or the one intended for an offering at some ceremony or for the adornment of some room must express something of joy; the rug designed by a young girl as a gift to her future husband must have had the colors and patterns selected with the constant thought of the lover in mind, as the one for the natural seasons alternate must be indicative of the seasons difference and beauty; the hearth-rug which decorates the living room where usually a person meet his guests, shows,in its very texture, the color and warmth of hospitality so prevalent among the home owner.