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Valdis The Viking

Valdis The Viking - Enjoy playing as Viking at the Comfort of your Home !

Valdis The Viking is a powerful viking family lost all of their great legacy, now Valdis the viking must travel in search of it and return it to his land. Solve all the puzzles along your quest to return the legacy.

Controls of the Game

This is a very simple game. In this game you will use only your mouse. So you can put your keyboard on side and enojy in this game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Valdis The Viking

Stage 01 - there is a picture on the wall, find all the objects necessary for crafting a viking helmet

Stage 02 - click on objects and then stove to craft the axe, clear way to doors with it

Stage 03 - take the stick, nut, mushroom and put the guard to sleep, but first give the chimpmunk it's nut

Stage 04 - search for missing stones

Stage 05- repair ship with objects/fix the map

Stage 06- create a fire cannon with bones

Stage 07 - you need to make a dragon by clicking on shield

Stage 08 - burn the guards eyes - don't forget to open chest, also there's an artifact on the ceiling

game review

Valdis The Viking is an adventure like, point-and-click game where you have to solve a nubmer of puzzles to reach your stolen goods and defeat the Roman Empire on your way. Really fun if you love vikings and puzzle games. Would reccommend for killing time and brainstroming. Or just use our tips.