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4.4 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings)
Newgrounds Rumble

Newgrounds Rumble - Enjoy fighting at the Comfort of your Home !

Newgrounds Rumble game is fun action game that have a story, versus, challenge, survival and training mode. In this game you have to fight your way to the top with violence and all kind of combos. You can save your progress and continue playing any time. The game features twelve Newgrounds characters that fight in Super Smash Brothers style matches.

Controls of the Game

Arrows = moving

W, A, S, D = attacks

Tips and Tricks to Play Newgrounds Rumble

The Lightning Bolt will send down a flash of lightning that hits the enemy, it only hit characters who aren't covered.

The Angry Faic gives to the picker of this powerup an ability to do increased attack damage.

Level 57 icon gives its collector a temporary immortality.

Heavyweight pickup gives its character growth that gives them a better range and ability to pound opponents to the sky.

The Health pickup gives you a part of health back.

Mines can be dropped randomly. They are very dangerous.

The Multi-faced powerup creates a copy of the character, that copy canoot be attacked.

The Orbiter makes the energy ball. 3 of them.

The Regenerationpickup recovers character.

Picking up the Gun gives the ability to fire projectile weapon.

game review

Newgrounds Rumble unlike to some other flash games, you can see that there was a lot of effort put into building this game. The storylines are all different, fights are unique considering the character you choose to play. Graphics are good and the best part is that you can play many different modes like survival, story, or multiplayer fights. The characters are well-know from other games and series and have their own storylines. Would reccomend for anyone who likes newgrounds games like picco, or who has previously watched salad fingers. Enjoy!