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4.4 out of 5 (based on 43 ratings)
Infiltrating The Airship

Infiltrating The Airship - Enjoy saving Airship at the Comfort of your Home !

Infiltrating the Airship game is a fun game of abducting an airplane. Hijack the plane in a complex decision making progress of tools and actions you have on your disposal. Follow the storyline and work your way to that promotion! Enjoy in many different endings, there are many treasures hiding on that plane. This is the fourth in the series of Puffball United popular series of stickman humorous adventures.

Controls of the Game

Controls are exclusively mouse, it's a point-and-click game.

You have to click on variety of choices or objects and find hidden goods. Once you complete a task you win different medals. Try and collect them all.

Tips and Tricks to Play Infiltrating The Airship

This is just one of many possible outlines, there are four ways to victory, sixty fatal fails to find, and a host of clickable secrets.

1) use the vacuum

2) use glue

3) take the robo helper

4) use the bone melter

5) quickly click on the spider

6) reroute the power

7) use the force gun

We recommend, however, clicking on various options because most of them are funny to watch even if you die! Also different click options can lead you to different endings and storylines.

game review

Infiltrating The Airship is a really funny game. I liked how it doesn't have only one possible ending but you can play many times and change the outcome of the game and storyline. I enjoyed playing this and I tried clicking on every option to see how it works out. Sometimes you can have your time making a decision but there are points in game where you have to quickly decide on your next action.